Best way to Renovate your Roof

We all are very happy that we have a house to live with. There is a roof over the head to save the weather. But when the same roof becomes old and shabby, then the question arises before us how to repair the roof? So now we will tell you what is the best way to repair the roof?

These are some steps you need to follow before renovating your roof!

It’s not easy to spot small gaps, where one or two tiles or slates have slipped or cracked. So, find those spots where tiles are connecting each other because that point might be a welcoming host for rain. In most of the cases, rain is only likely to be a problem where several adjoining tiles/slates are missing.
The odd dislodged or missing tile is often caused by storm damage, or people walking on the roof for TV satellite dish installation. A missing tile or slate is not usually a critical defect, but repair shouldn’t be left for too long, especially on roofs clad with larger interlocking tiles, and on older roofs with torn, sagging or non-existent underlay. Otherwise, when rain will start then these open and left defects will absorb a lot of rainwater drops and that will cause leakage which will destroy your roof soon.
Remedial Work
If there are only a few slipped or missing tiles or slates, they can usually be re-fixed or replaced fairly easily. On shallow pitched roofs the underfelt can start to sag, diverting rainwater down wall cavities. And this clearly indicates that the lower layers needed to work more and more. Tiles can be prone to localized defects such as broken nibs. Even long-lasting plain clay tiles can eventually start to erode and crack across the middle or spall in layers. It’s relatively easy to replace tiles because, unlike slates, they’re typically only nailed every fourth or fifth course.

To remove a broken tile:
1- Lift the two tiles above it with wooden wedges.
2- Use a bricklayer’s trowel to raise the damaged tile off the batten.
3- Carefully slide it out.
4- Ease a replacement tile into its place.
5- Hook the nib over the batten.
These things or steps will make removal of a broken tile or plate very easy and quick.
So in this way, you can repair your broken and shabby roof better and cheaply. Neither will it take you much more time nor will it take more money. Therefore, before repairing, I will definitely consider the information I have told.